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Navigating the Contract on Steel Carport

The devil is always in the details and it’s the same with the contract that you’ll be signing for your steel carport. To eliminate the possibility of surprises, it’s extremely ...

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Navigating the Contract on Steel Carport

Steel Carports For SaleThe devil is always in the details and it’s the same with the contract that you’ll be signing for your steel carport. To eliminate the possibility of surprises, it’s extremely important to go over certain aspects of your steel carport contract to ensure that what has been represented during the process occurs as planned.


Much of the language in these contracts is straight boiler plate but there are areas to study to make sure that you are getting what you’re paying for.

They are:

* An itemized list of materials, components, and upgrades – This list should specify everything that is going into your steel carport. A generic list could allow for some wiggle room as the manufacturer substitutes cheaper components than what has been promised. Instead, require that this list includes specific information on brand names and model numbers on the components that will be used on your steel carport.

* A breakdown on the duties of contractors and subcontractors – When work is being divided between different parties, make sure you have a roster and contact information for all work to be completed.

* Check the language in the substitution clauses – These clauses are often necessary when materials cannot be sourced in a timely manner. The risk for the buyer is that a substitution clause can be used to substitute inferior and cheaper materials than were originally called for. Verify that the substitution clause requires the substituted materials be of equal or greater quality. An extra layer of protection can be added by requiring that substitutions be approved by you.

* Check the terms for cancellation fees – If a company has completed a lot of work only to see the project cancelled, these fees are fair. If large cancellation fees are high even if the project is cancelled early on, watch out.

* Check the conditions on the warranty – Don’t let an inferior warrantee be substituted in for what has been represented.

* Check your financing details – If you are going to finance your steel carport, make sure that you understand all details of the financing agreement. Shenanigans in financing brought down the real estate market so be careful here

The contract you sign with the steel carport company is put in place to protect the seller and the buyer. Pay attention to these areas in the contract to make sure you’re getting what you planned for. For plain talk about building a quality steel carport, contact Eagle Carports at 800-579-8589 or learn more at