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The Benefits of Steel RV Carports

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Building the Perfect Metal Carport

Metal CarportsMetal carports have so many customization options that they can now be built to meet a wide variety of uses beyond sheltering cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.  With size options ranging from single to triple carports, metal carports can be used in their traditional ways but now offer opportunities where storage, recreation, and/or work space can be easily added as well.

After deciding on the appropriate size, metal carport owners can opt to enclose their structure either partially or fully. Sidewalls can range in height to provide coverage for low profile automobiles to the tallest RV’s. If the decision is made to fully enclose the structure, a variety of door options are available including roll up garage types in a variety of sizes and styles.  Access points can be chosen to allow the entrance of a car, boat or RV from the side or either end of the structure.

Metal carports can be customized on their exterior to either match or complement the home or surrounding structures with color, window, door and style options. A wide number of roofing style choices are available including flat roofs, A-frames, pitched, and horizontal or vertical roof panels.

Sidewalls which fully enclose a metal carport enable the interior to be customized to the point where rooms can be designed to the standard of a regular room addition. Once a fully enclosed metal carport has insulation added, the structure can function as a work or play space no matter what the temperature is doing outside. When considering insulation, the best option for metal carport buyers is to go with an aluminum based version due to its non-toxic nature. Fiberglass based insulation emits harmful gasses as it ages, which can become a health concern in situations where the windows and doors of the metal carport are closed during cold winter weather. 

With a fully enclosed and insulated metal carport the potential uses include storage, work areas, and play/recreation. By incorporating ventilation, heating and/or air conditioning, the structure can be used year-round regardless of weather conditions. Another benefit of a fully customized metal carport is that the structure can extend usable square footage for a home or business at a fraction of the cost of a traditional room addition.

Building the perfect metal carport for all of your storage, work, and living needs can now be done easily and cost effectively. For more information on building the perfect metal carport for you, visit: or call Eagle Carports (800)-579-8589