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Steel Carport Uses

Steel Carports UseAdvances in customization and upgrade options for steel carports have taken what were at one time very basic structures to a level where they can be upgraded with insulation, intricate electric wiring, ventilation systems, and plumbing. This broad range of functionalities makes steel garages appropriate for applications which go well beyond providing protection and shelter for vehicles.

Starting with their original intended uses to those of highly customized structures, here are just a few of the applications where steel carports can add value, protect investments, and increase square footage for work and play.  

* Providing protection for vehicles, RV’s, boats, snowmobiles and more – Whether the sides of the steel carport are left open or are enclosed to act as a garage, the protection provided by a steel carport will keep the elements at bay and preserve the value of the items being stored.  Protection from ice and snow as well as from summer heat can keep valuable RV’s and other vehicles running and looking great. Enclosed structures can be insulated and heated should the local area experience extreme cold. Conversely, air conditioning can be added as well for areas that heat up in the summer months.

* A wide variety of storage options – A steel carport can provide on-site storage options which add the convenience of access and eliminates the monthly payments that would otherwise go toward a public storage unit. An enclosed steel carport can be upgraded with shelving and other storage options and can be used totally for storage or built as an addition to a steel carport designed to store vehicles. Climate control options give owners the security in knowing that valuable items in storage will not be damaged by extreme cold or heat.

* A cost effective room addition – A steel carport can be customized for appearance to complement a home or nearby structures with color, trim, and roofing options. On the interior, a steel carport can be upgraded to work as a room addition for recreation, work space, or as office space.  These upgrades can include wiring for home entertainment systems, plumbing, and the rest of the comforts of home.

The multiple uses of steel carports make them the ideal solution for a variety of needs. Their versatility and cost effective nature means that they can serve one or a multiple of functions under one roof. To get started on building the perfect steel carport for your needs, visit: or call Eagle Carports (800)-579-8589