Modernizing Your Steel Carport

A couple of the characteristics that make steel carports attractive to buyers are that they’re less expensive than garages as well as the fact that zoning restrictions typically are not as...

The Benefits of Steel RV Carports

RV Carports have come a long way since their original design containing four poles and a roof. The variety of carports now includes wood, aluminum, and steel carports which can be...

Looking for Carports for Sale? Consider These Crucial Factors Before Buying

                                  If you’re looking for carports for sale, there are several factors to consider before you buy. With all the advances in what carports can offer buyers now have options, choices, an...

Three Custom Carport Requirements

Carports offer a wide variety of custom options ranging from basic to the highly complex. Even for the most basic options, a carport buyer can run into difficulties with the wr...

Navigating the Contract on Steel Carport

The devil is always in the details and it’s the same with the contract that you’ll be signing for your steel carport. To eliminate the possibility of surprises, it’s extremely ...

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"Excellent Contractors! Hard working, professional. Had to call in because someone of these quality traits has to be commended Not only professional but complete gentlemen."
Cheryl - Kentucky

"Great customer service! My building looks great!"
Jack - South Carolina

"On 08/07/09 We had a 18X21 Eagle Carport erected on our property by 3 (very polite) young men. Amazed at the skill and speed that these young men were able to erect the carport in a matter of just a "few" minutes. The project was a joy from start to finish. Will not hesitate to recommend Eagle Carports to anyone that might be unsure of a reliable builders."
Daryl - North Carolina

"Top notch professionalism who installed my carport. They were on time and began work as soon as there feet left there truck. I am so pleased and impressed with the work that i took time to send this letter. "
Lyman - South Carolina

"What a fantastic hard working professional crew that installed our carport. It was a large detailed job.They worked continuously to perfect the outcome of our carport."
Brookline - Vermont

"Our installers did a great job! Great product!"
Customer - Texas

"We recently had one of Eagle's Horse Barns installed. The installation crew worked so diligently and showed such concern for every detail. Their pride in their work was evident from the very beginning till they showed us the Barn for our inspection. "
Satisfied Customer - Virginia

"The workers did a great job!"
Customer - New York

"I purchased an 18 x 26 building from Ridgeview Mini Barnes on 2/18. It is enclosed on 3 sides and has a gable end. Wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the product and all the personnel, from the dealer to the installers. Several people have stopped by to see the building and we have gladly shared the dealer and manufacturer information with them. I will be retiring in a few months and have turned it into a shop. Again, the whole family is excited about the new building and have recommended it to several people. "
Satisfied Customer - Zanesville, Ohio

" I received the Eagle and my Daughter REALLY LOVES it! She helped put it up and it looks so nice on the building. Have received so many nice comments on the building, am very happy with every aspect from beginning to completion. Every one has been wonderful and thank you especially for the help with the eagle. Not everyone and every company would have cared about a ten year old's love of eagles and sent one to us free of charge. Most companies could care less once they have received full payment for their product. Thanks again and God Bless all of you. Eagle Carports is the only one this family will be using and recommending from now on. "
Satisfied Customer - Ohio

" was the nicest building I have ever seen. The workmanship was great and the contractors were very nice and professional. I will highly recommend Eagle Carports to everyone. Very Happy with my building!. "
Satisfied Customer - Knoxville, TN

" ...I really, really appreciate the good craftsmanship and workmanship you exhibited in raising the carport. You did not waste any motion. Every move was productive. I would recommend your service to anyone who wishes to deal with Eagle Carports. Eagle has an excellent team doing installations. "
Dave - Royersford, PA