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What is a Lean-to Shed?

With so many styles of pre-engineered metal buildings and storage sheds to choose from, narrowing down your options can seem impossible. Yet certain types of sheds are more affordable and easier to build than other designs. If you're looking for a small amount of covered space and want a simple installation process, a lean-to shed is likely your best option. Finding a lean-to shed for sale is as simple as searching our metal building listings and choosing one that fits your needs. If you're still not sure why a lean-to shed is a good idea, consider the following benefits.

Size and Layout Options

Lean-to sheds generally feature a single sloped roof that is connected to another building along its highest point. However, there are many options for customizing the size, layout, and shape of the final shed. Unless you purchase a pre-assembled lean-to shed for sale, you can customize the building however you like before ordering it. Some lean-to sheds are long and narrow to store tools or equipment, while others are far wider. With metal clearspan construction, lean-tos can measure up to 24 feet in width before needing a center row of supports. It's possible to cover a lot of space with a simple shed design. Lean-to's are also available as free-standing carports, they're usually referred to as a single slope carport.

The Benefits of a Lean-to Storage Shed

The metal lean-to shed is easy to assemble and makes efficient use of materials and existing storage spaces. Since there's only a single slope to the roof, the structure withstands wind and snow loading better than some other designs. Steeper roof slopes allow for better shedding of snow and less risk of wind lifting. A lean-to storage shed is also easy into fit into tight spaces where other carport with storage shed outbuildings might take up too much room. Since the design is built onto an existing structure, it merely extends the footprint a little more. You can take advantage of existing drainage or foundation reinforcements to add to the durability of the shed.

Potential Uses for Your Lean-to

Depending on the size and shape of the shed you choose, you could turn a simple lean-to shed into any of the following buildings in the future:

  • A barn or livestock shelter for anything from chickens to cows
  • Storage for hand tools, heavy equipment, and everything in between
  • A one-car metal garage with enough space for repair parts and tools
  • Covered and dry space for storing firewood, fuel, and other supplies for the winter
  • Organized storage for grills, lawnmowers, patio furniture, and other outdoor accessories

Lean-to sheds are versatile enough to serve many purposes. If you require a lot of space, consider adding a matching pair to both sides of a building for double the amount of storage space without the extra work of setting up a separate gabled building.

Choosing a Shed with Lean-to Storage

Some freestanding metal buildings and sheds include options for adding lean-tos to either side for extra storage. Since the sloped roof is perfectly angled to carry water off the main roof of the shed, it's a great way to plan storage space for the future.

Optional Features for Lean-to Sheds

A metal lean-to shed can include most of the features you'd find on any other metal building. From full-sized windows to let in light and air to extra doors that allow you to pull a vehicle through without backing up, you have plenty of ways to customize your shed. Don't forget about electricity if you plan to use the lean-to as a workshop. At the very least, consider lighting the shed so you can see what you're working on or searching for among your stored items.

Lean-to sheds can add storage almost anywhere. No matter what kind of building you're adding on to, there's a metal lean-to shed design to match it. Check out our selection today to find the right shed or metal building for your property.

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