Metal Carport

Metal Carports

Protect your vehicle from the elements with our 30x30x10 Metal Carport. Featuring a durable vertical roof design, it offers maximum strength and style.
Protect your vehicle from the elements with our 30x30x10 Metal Carport. Featuring a durable vertical roof design, it offers maximum strength and style.
Protect your vehicle from the elements with our durable 32x25x9/6 Metal Carport. Featuring a vertical roof design, it offers maximum strength and style.
The 32x85x14 Metal Workshop with a vertical roof offers ample space for storage and work, providing durability and protection for your tools and equipment.
Protect your vehicles from the elements with our 36x30x9/6 Metal Carport. Featuring a 12' Lean-To and a durable vertical roof, it's the perfect shelter for your cars or outdoor equipment.


Metal carports are an affordable alterative to a garage. Carports offer alternative storage space for large vehicles, equipment, or anything else that is valuable to you and needs to be protected from the sun, rain, ice, and snow. 

What is a carport? 

Unlike a garage which is entirely enclosed by walls, a roof, and has an entry door, carports are semi-covered metal structures with either a metal or fabric roof. Because metal carports traditionally have roofs but no sides, they are an affordable alternative to a garage. 

Your metal carport offers versatility and can be used to: 

  • Cover large vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, boats, or farm equipment. 
  • House smaller vehicles like mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, bikes, and more. 
  • Create shelter over a deck, patio, play area, or other outdoor space. 
  • Act as an outdoor workshop at your home or business. 
  • Serve as a DIY pavilion for projects, repairs, or hobbies. 

Our metal carports are popular choices for people who live in apartments, trailer homes, or on tight property lines with limited space. Many customers even opt to anchor metal carports to their houses if they prefer to have an attached storage structure for their living space. 

Businesses and shops can add metal carports to their location as way to provide sheltered parking for customers or additional workspace that is convenient, economical, and long-lasting. 

Choosing the Right Metal Carport for You

How do you know the right carport choice to suit your needs and the needs of your home or business? We have all the answers you need to choose the best metal carport for you, including customizable options catered specifically to your needs and preferences. 

All of Eagle Carports’ metal carports come with: 

  • Concrete or rebar anchors for the best stability for your structure. 
  • A 90-day workmanship warranty
  • Becker’s 20-year limited warranty on roofing materials.
  • Customizable options with 14 color choices.
  • Additional customizable features such as designs and material options and accessories.  
  • Virtual 3-D modeling allows you to see the floor plan and design before you buy, eliminating any problems down the road and ensuring that you receive exactly what you envisioned.
  • Options for financing, rent-to-own, and payment on delivery financial solutions.

Regular Style Metal Carports

The regular style metal carports are the most economical option for vehicle protection. These can be made as long as 36' in length.

The regular roof carport design is the original, classic style for metal carports and was introduced over 24 years ago as the standard framing design for these structures. The classic curved roof style offers an attractive visual curb appeal for your home or business. 

Its bow or truss is created by bending the material to create it’s unique shape, and its roofing panels run from front to back. The front to back design allows rain water and debris to travel over each rib, falling off the sides or from either end. 

Annual maintenance is required on regular-framed metal carports, and buildings over 36 feet long should have a vertical roof to prevent leaks.

Boxed Eave Style Metal Carports

The boxed eave roof styled metal carport has a traditional A-frame look with roofing panels running from front to back. The front-to-back design allows us to reduce costs while maintaining a great appearance.  These can be made as long as 36' in length.

Our boxed eave style metal carports are engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a more traditional-looking roof line to compliment your property. This carport will add excellent shelter and shade to vehicles for years to come.

Our Boxed Eave Metal Carports offer a similar appearance to the vertical roof style at a more affordable cost. 

Annual maintenance is required on boxed eave style metal carports, and we highly recommend any metal buildings longer than 36 feet be upgraded to a vertical roof style, to avoid any potential leaks at its seams.

Vertical Roof Style Metal Carport

The metal carport style with a vertical roof is the strongest roof style available. The roofing panels are laid in a vertical orientation starting from the peak and ending at the eaves or sides.

Choose a vertical roof metal carport for an attractive, long-lasting addition to your home or business. Vertical roofs are known for their durability, allowing water, snow, and debris to easily fall off and avoid rust or damage. 

The vertical roof style metal carport is the most modern, sophisticated, and durable design for metal carports. 

Choose Substance, Speed, and Service at Eagle Carports

The expert team at Eagle Carports is here to help you create the perfect metal carport for your home or business! Our core values are built around substance, speed, and service, offering you the best quality products and professional craftsmanship. 

Our pre-engineered galvanized steel framed structures are the perfect solution for covering your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else that needs protection from harsh outdoor elements. With over 2000 dealers and seven manufacturing & distribution centers nationwide, we are confident that we can serve you with the quickest lead times in our industry.

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