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Mobile/Asphalt Anchors

Braces are U-shaped channels used to assist in reinforcing the structure of the building. Our buildings come standard with some type of bracing, depending on the building purchased. For those buildings in which bracing is optional, we recommend 2-foot braces on buildings eight feet or less and 3-foot braces on buildings nine feet or more. Both our 2.25-inch and 2.5-inch braces are constructed from 18-gauge steel and are compatible with all Eagle carports and our competitors' frames, as well.
These anchors are used in asphalt installations only and may or may not be included with the building. They have four fins which, when driven into the ground, will hold the anchor in like hooks, keeping the building secure during high wind situations.
Also referred to as wedge anchors, contractors drill into the concrete and insert this anchor to fasten the building very securely to the concrete pad.
Customize your building with the all-American eagle emblem. This emblem gives your building a more unique look and adds just the right finishing touch.
Mobile home anchors are used to secure the building in ground installations only, and are double helical in design. They are used primarily on certified buildings. Mobile home anchors can be installed as an additional security feature (not included in some buildings). Washers and bolts are included.
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