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base structure

    Our panels are 29 gauge steel. Available in standard lengths of 21', 26', 31', and up to 36' in certain areas. We have 14 colors available to choose from. Custom lengths are available upon request.


    A transition piece covering the ridge of the roof. The ridgecap is normally color matched with the roof panels. However, if the customer wishes to change the color it must be specified when completing your order.


    A galvanized steel component that is used to create a vertical roof orientation. The hat channel also provides more ridgidnes for a stronger structure.

  • BOWS:

    A single piece of square tubing used to make the roofing member of a building. The tubing can be made from either 14 gauge or a 12 gauge steel.


    Braces are U-shaped channels that are used to reinforce the structure of a building. For buildings in which the braces are optional we recommend 2' braces on buildings shorter than 8' and 3' braces for buildings 9' or taller.


    The square tubing on the base of the building onto which the legs are attached to.

  • LEGS:

    Legs are the vertical tubing that connect the bows (top) to the base rail (bottom). The leg height varies depending on the type of building.

  • TRIM:

    Trim to give the roof and building corners a finished and a more asthetic view.

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