Eagle Carports

How It Works

It's easy to get your custom metal building ordered, scheduled, delivered and installed.

Eagle Carports Initial Contact

Step 1) Initial Contact

First, the customer visits an authorized online or local dealer. Dealers assist the customer with sizing, quotes, and site preparation info.

Eagle Carports Order

Step 2) Order & Deposit

Customer places the order with the dealer and gives the initial down payment.


Step 3) Order Processing

Authorized dealer submits the order to Eagle Carports. The order enters the processing department for approval.

Eagle Carports Scheduling

Step 4) Scheduling

Multiple orders are placed in a single route based on geographical location. Customers are called to accept and confirm appointment slots.

Eagle Carports Manufacturing

Step 5) Manufacturing

Orders are sent to the nearest manufacturing plant to begin fabrication.

Eagle Carports Loading & Delivery

Step 6) Loading & Delivery

Installation crews load all orders and components and proceed to deliver.

Eagle Carports Installation

Step 7) Installation

Upon arrival the crew will check-in with the customer, inspect the site, unload the material and begin the installation.

Eagle Carports Final Balance

Step 8) Collect Final Balance

The final balance is collected immediately upon installation.

Eagle Carports

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