Metal Barns | Customizable Metal Barn Kits

The 28x40x10 Vertical Roof Triple Wide Metal Garage offers ample space for storage and parking, with a durable vertical roof design for added strength and protection.
The 32x20x12/8 Metal Barn with 10' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space for storage and shelter for your vehicles or equipment.
The 32x25x12 Metal Barn with a vertical roof offers ample space for storage and shelter. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting protection for your belongings.
The 34x30x13 Metal Barn with 10' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
The 35x30x12/8 Metal Barn with 10' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
The 36x25x12 Metal Barn with 12' Lean-To features a sturdy boxed eave roof, providing ample space for storage and shelter for your vehicles or equipment.
The 38x25x12/8 Metal Barn with 12' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
The 42x20x10/7 Metal Barn with 12' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
The 42x25x11 Metal Barn with 25FT Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
The 42x30x12/8 Metal Barn with 12' Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.
Introducing our 42x30x12x8 Custom Metal Barn with a regular roof. Perfect for storing equipment, vehicles, or creating a workshop. Durable and customizable to fit your needs.
The 42x35x10/8 Metal Barn with 8F Wide Lean-To features a durable vertical roof design, providing ample space and protection for your belongings.

Metal Barns | Prefab Steel Barn Buildings

Our prefab galvanized metal barn kits are a great choice if you need to shelter your livestock or protect your farm equipment. With over 2000 dealers and seven steel building manufacturing and distribution centers nationwide, the pole barn and metal building experts from Eagle Carports are confident that we can serve you with the quickest lead times in the metal barns industry. 

Advantages of Custom Metal Barns & Steel Barn Buildings

Eagle Carports offer the best materials, craftsmanship, and customization options for metal barns. Whether you are building a steel barn on your property for livestock, or other agricultural needs, or your custom metal barn will become a workshop or storage shed, our experts in steel and metal pole barns will work closely with you to make sure you get a durable steel building that will last for years.

Eagle Carports' custom steel barn buildings offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for various applications, from agricultural to storage purposes. Here are some of the key benefits of installing a prefabricated metal barn building to your home or business.

Durability and Strength

Steel is a robust material known for its strength and longevity. Steel pole barns can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snow, strong winds, and seismic activities. This makes steel barns from Eagle Carports highly durable and reliable.

Customization Options

One of the significant advantages of Eagle Carports’ steel barns is the ability to customize them according to specific needs. You can choose the size, design, and features that best suit your requirements, whether it’s for livestock, storage of farm equipment, or any other purpose.

Low Maintenance

Steel buildings require less maintenance compared to traditional wooden barns. They are resistant to pests, such as termites, and do not rot or warp. This reduces the long-term costs associated with maintenance and repairs of your steel barn.

Fire Resistance

Steel is a non-combustible material, which makes metal barns more resistant to fire. This can be a crucial factor in areas prone to wildfires or for storing flammable materials.

Metal Barns vs Wood Pole Barns for Fire Resistance

Metal barns are constructed using steel or other fire-resistant metals, offering inherent protection against flames. Unlike wood, which is susceptible to ignition and can fuel fires, metal is non-combustible and does not contribute to the spread of flames. In the event of a fire, metal barns are more likely to withstand heat and flames, reducing the risk of structural damage and loss of property. 


Steel is recyclable, and many steel barns are made from recycled materials. Choosing a steel barn can be a more environmentally friendly option compared to using new lumber.

Metal Barns vs Wooden Bars for Environmental Sustainability

While wooden barns are often lauded for their renewable nature, steel barns offer significant advantages in terms of environmental impact. Steel, the primary material used in metal barn construction, boasts exceptional recyclability, with a substantial portion being made from recycled materials. Opting for steel barns crafted from recycled steel not only reduces the demand for virgin resources but also minimizes waste and supports a circular economy.


While the initial cost might be higher than some traditional materials, the longevity, low maintenance, and durability of steel can make installing a steel building a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

Quick Installation

Prefabricated parts make the installation of Eagle Carports' steel barns quicker and more efficient than traditional construction methods. This saves time and potentially reduces labor costs.


These steel barns can be used for a wide range of purposes, from agricultural needs to personal storage, workshops, or even as a personal garage.


Steel building barns are designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing a safe and secure environment for whatever is stored inside.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern steel barns can be aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of colors and finishes available to match different preferences and landscapes.

These advantages make Eagle Carports' custom steel barn buildings a practical and versatile choice for many looking for a reliable, long-lasting, custom steel building solution.

Durable Steel Barn Buildings for Storage, Livestock, and More

All of Eagle Carports’ Steel Barns Come With:

  • A 90-day workmanship warranty
  • Becker’s 20-year limited warranty on roofing materials.
  • Customization options with 14 steel building kits color choices.
  • Additional metal building customization features such as designs and material options and accessories.  
  • Virtual 3-D modeling for steel buildings allows you to see the floor plan and design of your steel building before you buy, eliminating any problems down the road and ensuring that you receive exactly what you envisioned.
  • Options for financing, rent-to-own, and payment on delivery financial solutions for prefab steel buildings. 

At Eagle Carports we oversee the entire steel barn manufacturing process in-house, that way we can ensure you get the very best metal building for your agricultural needs that money can buy. 

Metal Barns

You know you want to build a metal structure on your property, but are not sure if a prefab steel barn, metal carport, or metal garage is best suited to your needs. Traditionally, a steel garage is used to store and protect vehicles, tools, and other equipment, whereas a steel barn serves agricultural purposes like housing livestock and hay.

However, even if you do not live on a farm or own animals, a prefab steel barn kit may still be a good match for your needs. Let's look closer at some ideas for uses of steel barns.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel barn buildings are ideal for storing farm equipment, tractors, harvesters, and other large machinery. The large space and durability of steel barns protect these valuable assets from the elements.

Steel Barn Livestock Shelters

A steel barn provides a safe and controlled environment for livestock like cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. Steel buildings can be customized with proper ventilation and insulation to ensure the animals' comfort.

Hay and Feed Storage Barn

To protect hay and animal feed from moisture and pests, a steel barn offers an excellent solution. The durability of steel buildings ensures that the feed remains dry and fresh.

Steel Building for Residential Storage

A steel barn can very much act as a storage shed. For instance, you can use your metal barn for keepsakes, holiday decorations, lawn equipment, small vehicles like ATVs or bicycles, or seasonal outdoor games and toys. There is no limit to the storage needs that can be solved with the addition o fa steel building on your property. 

Commercial Storage Steel Barn

If you need additional storage space for your business, a steel building works as a great storage shed for equipment, materials, tools, inventory, or other important items related to your business. A metal building from Eagle Carports keeps your items and equipment protected from the outdoor elements. 

Workshops and Garages

For individuals who need a space for woodworking, mechanical work, or other hobbies, a steel barn can be converted into a spacious workshop. A steel building can also be used as a garage for cars, motorcycles, or boats.

Recreational Space

A steel barn can be transformed into space for recreational activities like indoor sports, a home gym, or a game room.

Home Offices or Studios

With the rise of remote work, a steel building can be converted into a quiet and separate office space or a studio for artists and musicians.

A Steel Barn Greenhouse

A steel building is easy to insulate and customize, making it the perfect location to build a greenhouse on your property. 

Your steel barn does not have to house horses or livestock. While that is the most common use for steel barn buildings, metal barns offer versatility for a number of uses.

Contact our experts in metal buildings to discuss your storage needs and determine what kind of steel barn is best for you. 

Types of Metal Barn Buildings 

Like all of our custom steel pole barns, a metal barn building comes in a variety of style choices that offer different features as well as different levels of protection and durability. 

Steel Eagle Barns

The steel eagle barns are composed of 3 sections– the center section and a lean-to on each side of the steel building. All of our steel eagle barns can all be customized to be either fully enclosed, partially enclosed, or fully open depending on your individual needs.

Our eagle steel barn building package price includes the roofing and gables on all sections of the steel structure. This steel building can be customized to be fully enclosed, fitted with garage doors, or framed with an opening for livestock, among a variety of other customization options. 

Steel Horse Barns

The steel horse barn is the most versatile steel barn building and offers the highest amount of configuration available. Initially geared more towards agricultural use, this type of steel building is growing in popularity in suburban areas as a combination of vehicle protection, outdoor storage, and a workshop area.

The standard package for our steel horse barn buildings has a center leg height of 12 feet and lean-to-leg height of 8 feet, along with an included opening measurement of 8X7. All custom steel horse barn buildings can be customized to include a vertical roof, tack rooms, framed-in stalls, and more. 

Metal Barndominiums

Metal barndominiums blend the rustic charm of a barn with the modern amenities of a home. Constructed from galvanized steel materials, these versatile metal buildings offer spacious living quarters combined with ample storage or workspace. 

With customizable layouts and durable steel materials, metal barndominiums are a popular choice for those seeking a unique yet practical living space, blending functionality with aesthetics in a cost-effective manner.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are versatile agricultural or storage structures featuring a framework of metal poles. These economical buildings offer ample space for farming equipment, livestock housing, or storage needs. 

With customizable designs and sturdy construction, metal pole barns provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for various agricultural and storage requirements, making them popular among farmers, ranchers, and property owners seeking reliable and practical steel building structures.

Metal Barns vs. Wood Pole Barn Buildings 

Some benefits of building a steel barn vs. a wood barn on your residential or commercial property include:  

  • Affordability: Steel barn buildings can be more cost-effective than wood barns. The price of lumber fluctuates and can be high, whereas steel prices are generally more stable. Steel buildings often come in prefab kits, reducing labor costs significantly compared to the on-site construction required for wood barns.
  • Shorter construction time: Steel barn buildings are typically made from pre-engineered components that are manufactured off-site and simply assembled on-site. This reduces construction time considerably.
  • Longer lasting durability: Steel is more resistant to weather-related damage, including rot, warping, and termite infestation, which commonly affect wood.
  • Limited maintenance: Unlike wood, a steel building is not susceptible to pest infestations, eliminating the need for regular pest control treatments. Steel does not rot or warp, reducing the need for repairs or replacements. Also, metal barn surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, requiring less upkeep to preserve their appearance and functionality.
  • Fire resistant: Steel is inherently fire-resistant, which is a significant advantage over wood, especially in areas prone to wildfires or for storing flammable materials. Due to their fire resistance, steel barns may attract lower insurance premiums compared to wood structures.

Steel Buildings

At Eagle Carports, we carry a variety of steel building options for property owners looking to add extra storage or living space to their space. 

Metal Carports

Metal carports provide durable protection for vehicles against the elements, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional garages. With customizable sizes and designs, they are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, ensuring vehicles remain safe and secure.

Metal Garages

Metal garages offer secure and weather-resistant storage solutions for vehicles, equipment, and belongings. Constructed from high-quality steel, these metal buildings provide long-lasting durability and customizable layouts, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use, providing peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike.

Metal RV Covers

Metal RV covers provide essential protection for recreational vehicles (RVs) against sun, rain, and snow, extending their lifespan and maintaining their pristine condition. With sturdy steel construction and customizable designs, these metal RV covers offer a reliable solution for storing RVs, boats, trailers, and campers, ensuring they are ready for adventure whenever needed while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Custom Metal Barns & Steel Buildings from Eagle Carports

At Eagle Carports we know how stressful it can be to own a working farm and take care of all the livestock and equipment necessary for things to run smoothly. We want to ensure that you have the best possible protection for your animals and other materials, which is why we work closely with every single client to guarantee you will be satisfied with your new custom metal barn.

If you are considering installing a steel barn at your home or business, reach out to us today by calling  800-579-8589 or filling out the contact form below.

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