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Carports offer a wide variety of custom options ranging from basic to the highly complex. Even for the most basic options, a carport buyer can run into difficulties with the wr...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ordering process? How does it work?

   The order process begins thru an authorized Eagle Carports, Inc. dealer, either a brick or mortar dealer (local dealer), or thru an online dealer. Our customers will contact the dealer and they will go over the specifics of what type and size unit is needed as well as pricing. The order is placed with the
dealer, and a down payment is placed.

  From there the dealer will submit the order to Eagle Carports, order processing department where the order is double checked for the fitment of doors/ windows etc., and price verification. At this time our customers receive a curtesy call confirming the receipt of the order, and going over preliminary questions or site preparation questions such as concrete pad dimensions, etc.

  The order then flows internally thru Eagle into the scheduling department where an agent will again verify your order and set up your appointment for the installation of your unit. They will explain that all orders are C.O.D. and go over any possible additional labor fees due to un-prepared/ un-level lots.

  Please Note that in order to keep costs as economical as possible, we string multiple deliveries/ installations together in what we call a “run”. Problems such as un-level lots or bad traffic conditions can affect the installation crews time of arrival. This is the reason we do not give out specific arrival times, we can only give a window of time in which we believe the installation crew will arrive. Next the order is sent to your nearest manufacturing facility, where our workers create the paneling and frame, and gather any and all materials needed for your unit. This material is loaded onto the trailer of an installation sub-contractor who takes out the unit to be installed on your lot.

  When the installation crew arrives they will be driving a pickup with a 30-36’ trailer, therefore maneuvering into small driveways or up steep drive ways may not be possible. The installation crew will go over the order with you one more, and then begin the process of installation. This could take from 1 hour up to 2 days depending on the size and complexity of your unit. Please have the payment ready before the crew arrives as they have additional installations to complete.

  All payments should be made to “Eagle Carports, Inc.” we accept money orders, cashier’s check, or VISA, Master Card, Discover, and Amex.

How long do I have to wait before i can expect delivery?

  Delivery times vary depending on how far you are from Eagle Carports’ nearest manufacturing facility. Typically our delivery times run from 5-10 business days. In more remote locations lead-times range from 2-6 weeks. If you already have your site prepped and can accept immediate delivery please make a note on your order that you are ready for delivery. In any case you should receive a courtesy call from our office within 2 business days of placing your order. If you have not received a call within 2 business days of placing your order please call us at 800.579.8589 and press option 5.

What do I need to do before my metal building arrives for installation?

Here is a checklist of things to do before an Eagle Carports’ installation subcontractor arrives to put up you building.

    • Mark any utility lines running underneath planned installation site. If you do not know the exact location of any water, gas, or electric lines please call 811 to have them come out and mark the lines free of charge.
    • Prepare level lot: move earth if necessary to create a level installation surface. Sites must not be more than 3” off level to avoid any cut leg fees or other additional labor/ return trip fees.
    • The installation of buildings upon concrete retaining walls or on shipping containers will be addressed on a case by case basis. Please call our corporate headquarters at 800-579-8589 and press option 4 for more information.
    • If pouring concrete make the length of the pad 1 foot shorter than the length of the unit ordered. For example for a 24×31 the cement pad size should be a minimum of 24’x30’. We recommend 6 inches wider and 6 inches shorter to avoid concrete bursting when inserting the cement anchors. Ex. 24×31 our recommended size for the concrete pad is 24’6”x30’6”.
    • Clear any and all obstacles in and around the installation site such as cars, recreational vehicles, and debris to avoid a build over fee. Additional labor fees can be found on pricing sheets underneath additional options.
    • Installation crews need a minimum of 36” all around the building to fasten any wall paneling, end wall framing, and trim.
    • Have payment ready before the arrival of the installation crew. A small unit such as 18×21 carport will only take the installation crew about 45 minutes to complete. Remember the
      installation crew could have more appointments after yours to complete.
    • Any safety requirements must be disclosed to Eagle Carports, Inc. upon purchase of unit. Eagle must be aware of any safety training or safety classes/videos our installation contractors must complete prior to installation. Such requirements must be noted on purchase order upon submition.

Site preparation crucial to ensuring a smooth installation. Failure to adequately prepare your site could result in additional labor charges or even a return trip fee which is either $150 USD or %5 of the building price whichever is higher.

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