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Classic Carport vs. Utility Carport: Which is Right for You?

After deciding to add a metal carport to your property, you still need to decide between a utility or classic design. Classic metal carports tend to feature open sides and ends, while utility carports combine an open section with a fully enclosed storage building on one end. This creates a hybrid of both carport and garage features that are ideal for many homeowners. However, you still may prefer the classic carport if you're looking for a basic and open design. Explore the differences between utility and classic metal carports to make the right decision before placing your order.

Expanded Options for Use

Utility carports offer a wider range of potential uses than open classic designs. With the addition of an enclosed and secure storage building, the utility carport is easily used as a garage, workshop, barn, or even a store or business. Basic classic carports without side or end walls are best used for vehicle storage. While you can customize your classic carport to include walls and doors to enclose the space, you'll lose out on the flexibility of the open design. Since the utility style includes both open and enclosed spaces, you get the best of both worlds from the very beginning.

Connection to Your Home or Other Buildings

Both types of metal carports are easily attached to your home at one end. This allows for easy access from your vehicle to your home when there's a rainstorm that would otherwise leave you out in the rain as you unlock your door. However, the utility carport style is slightly better suited for this kind of installation. If you arrange the enclosed space as a bridge between your home and the carport it will serve as a buffer to prevent heat transfer in the summer and winter. You'll lose less heat in the winter and gain less in the summer by creating an air buffer between your home and the outdoors. You can also expand your indoor living space by creating a seamless transition between the metal building and your home. Whether you turn it into a studio, guest room, or storage space, you'll add valuable room without the usual work required for an addition.

Comparable Security

For the open part of both classic and utility carports, the security offered is about the same. While you can add sensors, cameras, and chains to prevent unauthorized access, open carports are still a little less secured than fully enclosed metal buildings. Since utility carports also include a storage building portion, the overall security level is much higher for the structure. You can keep your most valuable items or accessories inside the locked building and leave only your vehicle outside in the carport section. The storage building section is easily upgraded with any security features you can find. If you primarily need your metal building or carport for organizing valuable tools or family heirlooms, you should definitely choose a utility design over the classic carport.

Similar Maintenance Needs

Both classic and utility carports require similar levels of maintenance and care, which is minimal. Traditionally built wood garages and carports require routine painting or staining, re-roofing, and similar repairs on an annual basis. Metal buildings of all designs minimize this kind of work and only require attention every few years. With a simple visual check once or twice a year and some prompt painting if you discover any rust, both kinds of metal carports are easily maintained with minimal work. Choosing a metal carport with an additional enclosed space doesn't add any significant extra work to the maintenance plan, so you're free to choose whichever style best fits your needs.

Greater Configuration Choices

Open-sided classic carports are easily customizable, but they're still limited to a few basic designs and layouts in most cases. Utility carports are much more diverse and tend to come in dozens of different existing combinations. Whether you want the storage building on one end of the layout or need it to the side instead, you can find a design that already exists. You can focus on other upgrades and customizations like interesting colors and reinforced structural elements by starting with a utility carport that is close to what you need.

Unless you only need an open space for parking your car, you'll likely prefer the utility carport design. Check out what's already available to start deciding what customizations you'll need to design the metal building of your dreams.

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