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Covered Parking for Businesses: A Commercial Carport

Built to last with modern engineering and the highest quality materials, a commercial carport will add essential storage space and value to your business property.

Sun exposure, stormy damaging winds, rain, heavy snow loads, hail, and falling debris — all these elements can threaten the equipment your business depends on or deter customers from visiting your place of business.

A commercial carport is the perfect solution for protecting cars or equipment, and all of the vehicles that are important to your business.
Metal buildings feature a wide range of cost-effective steel structures for covered parking, with many customizable features to meet your unique needs, such as pull-through options, add-ons for existing structures, and color options to meet building guidelines.

Advantages of a Commercial Carport

Covered Parking for Businesses: A Commercial Carport

Many business owners make the mistake of renting storage units for equipment or renting space without covered parking options. Buying land and adding your own commercial metal building with covered parking options is easier than you think, and financing options are available. While leasing may offer advantages when your business is brand new, investing in land and building structures for your business have long-term benefits:

  • Long-lasting use – Steel structures are built from the highest quality galvanized metals and constructed to withstand the test of time, use, and the harsh forces of nature. With ultimate durability, you’ll enjoy the superior function and attractive appearance of a commercial carport for many years.
  • Economical – Adding a commercial carport to your business location is much cheaper than renting an off-site storage facility. Our sales team will partner with you to find a financing plan to match what you want with the budget you set. Also, keep in mind that a carport offers excellent ROI, with potential to increase the value of your business property.
  • Convenient – Carports are installed quickly and efficiently on-site. It’s easy to customize the color and design to match existing structures or retail centers.
  • Sustainable – Steel is highly recyclable, and this “green” sustainability makes it an exceptional building material. In addition to the environmental benefits of using steel structures for covered parking, you won’t need to worry about problems that shorten the lifespan of other materials, such as corrosion, warping, and rotting.
  • Customizable Options – Where do you plan to install your commercial carport? What do you want to store under it? How tall is your equipment? Does the roof style make a difference? No matter what you need to support your business goals, we can provide it! We offer a wide range of personalized steel structures, always designed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Additional features that you can build into your carport include electric, bathrooms, kitchens, and HVAC cooling and heating systems.

All of our styles can be further customized by selecting your color preference. We offer 14 different color choices for the roof, trim, and exterior walls. Choose from these basic styles:

  1. Regular-style metal carports with rounded eaves – our most economical roof style
  2. Boxed eave style carports to give coverage with an attractive, traditional roof line appearance
  3. Vertical roof style carports, the strongest style against wear and rust as it allows leaves, water, and snow to run off the sides

Customer Service

Our top-notch customer service is the dependable foundation of your commercial carport from Eagle Carports. We manufacture over 50,000 buildings yearly, making us highly experienced and capable of satisfying a wide range of requirements with the quickest lead times possible.

Tell us what you need for your home or business, and our expert team will respond by serving you with the highest quality, customized steel structures.

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