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Creative Ideas for Metal Buildings

If you're considering adding a building to your residential property or business, you'll want to consider most durable material possible. The steel industry has come a long way, and there are many creative ideas for adding a metal building to your property.

Many people consider metal buildings to only be for industrial or automotive purposes, but there are several other uses for them as well. Here are a few creative ideas for metal buildings that you may want to consider as you begin researching your building options.

1. Metal Guest Homes

Adding a metal guest home to your property can not only serve your guests and visiting family members, but adding a little creativity in design and landscape can give you the option of your very own Airbnb!

The construction alone is reason to consider - metal buildings are a fraction of the cost of trendy ‘tiny homes’ and they offer much more protection from wind and pests. Build your own guest house online, then partner up with a local contractor to add electric, plumbing, and an HVAC unit.

2. Metal Garages

Creative Ideas for Metal Buildings

The term "metal garage" is all-encompassing. It can be applied to a building that has several different uses.

You can use it for a woodman's workshop, an auto mechanic store, an all-purpose car garage, a warehouse, etc. Who doesn't have a need for at least one of those things?

Not only that, but there are several different styles of a metal garage to choose from.

For example, you can invest in a boxed-eave metal garage, a vertical roof metal garage, or stick with the timeless regular style.

Any of them can be made to fit the sizing specifications that you need. However, it's recommended that any building needed to be longer than 31 feet use the vertical style garage to protect against water damage via unforeseen water leaks.

Regardless of its usage, creating a metal garage can provide a cost-effective method to maximizing the space you need for your business.

3. Metal Gyms

No community can ever have enough gymnasiums within its city limits. They bring everyone together and can serve many different purposes.
They can be used for basketball leagues, high-school practices, cheerleading tryouts, after school kids programs, galas, fundraising events, sales conventions, etc. Because of that, they're well worth the investment.
Not only will they be of great service to the community, but they'll also stand the test of time and stay strong for decades to come.
Metal buildings can optimize the need for high ceilings, metal beam framing, and a long warranty.
Better yet, a metal gymnasium can help you maximize the amount of square footage within the property you're building it on. For instance, you can fit two basketball courts side-by-side comfortably and still have room for a parking lot outside.

4. Metal Barns

There are many benefits of having a metal barn on your land. Things such as storage, protecting livestock, and placing your equipment are all high on the priority list for your business.

With so much at stake on those items, you need to know the barn you have is equal to the task. Storing your hay inside a barn doesn't do much good if the barn were to tear down due to a harsh storm.

If you don't have much time between paying for the barn and having it built, no need to worry. A trusted metal builder will give you as quick a turnaround as possible.

Choose from a classic metal barn that provides optimal storage and an area in the center for coverage. Perhaps you need a metal Eagle barn to provide coverage at a budget-friendly price.

If you need a barn for your horses, but don't want to pay a hefty price to get one, then a metal horse barn can be your solution. You can customize them however you'd like to.

5. Metal Church

Maybe you're a church that's been renting out a private school's gymnasium on the weekends and are looking to expand.

Perhaps your church is just starting up and has a bit of money to be put towards creating a building to host it at.
Whatever the case might be, metal buildings are a tremendous value to churches all over the nation. They limit the building costs and provide a place of worship for decades. Not to mention, they're easy to add onto as the church grows.
You shouldn't need to compromise your entire funding simply because you want to build a physical location for your church.
Provide the people in your community a place that looks as beautiful and welcoming on the outside as it is on the inside!

Consider These Uses for Metal Buildings in Your Projects

Now that you've seen all the different uses there are for metal buildings, it's plain to see that they can be used for almost any need.
They'll provide a safe location for any business, residence, or community building that they are created for.
Be sure to read this page for more information on why so many people trust Eagle Carports for their metal building needs nationwide.
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