Latest Custom Metal Building News

Can Metal Carports Impact Property Value?

A home and the land surrounding it is often the largest investment made by a family or individual. By building your property value over the years as you live on it, you’re actually increasing your investment in case you ever decide to sell. You don’t need to be planning to sell your home just to […]

Classic Carport vs. Utility Carport: Which is Right for You?

After deciding to add a metal carport to your property, you still need to decide between a utility or classic design. Classic metal carports tend to feature open sides and ends, while utility carports combine an open section with a fully enclosed storage building on one end. This creates a hybrid of both carport and […]

RV Road Trip Ideas: North Carolina Edition

North Carolina is a state full of beautiful and dramatically different landscapes. From the mountains of the Western part of the state to the sunny beaches of the East coast, there’s something for everyone within the state’s borders. If you’re planning a family RV road trip, make sure to include these six destinations on your […]

Crash Course in Laws for Constructing Metal Buildings

Many businesses and homeowners are drawn to metal buildings because their pre-engineered designs take a lot of the work out of planning a new structure. However, you may still need to jump through the usual hoops of getting permits and inspections even if you use a pre-engineered structure. Make sure you check on all the […]

Love Your RV? Here’s Why You Need a Cover

Buying an RV or 5th wheel trailer is a great way to travel with the entire family without the costs of hotel rooms. Unless you’ve committed to full-time life in your RV, you likely park it for some or most of each year to store it. Protect your RV from the damaging effects of year-round […]

Shelving and Organization Ideas for Your Metal Building

When you’re picking out the perfect metal building, it’s easy to dream up all the ways you can put it to good use. But once the building is installed and ready to use, that empty and undefined space can seem a little overwhelming to start organizing. Shoving all your holiday decorations, ATVs, and lawn equipment […]

Taking Care of Your Metal Building

Metal buildings can last for decades with minimal maintenance, but they do require some attention and care over the years. Taking care of the building’s finish on a timely basis prevents rust from becoming a serious problem and weakening the structure. If you’ve become the recent owner of a new or used metal building, you […]

How Should I Go About Preparing My Site For A Metal Building?

Metal buildings can be installed in many different locations, but all types and sizes of structures require similar site preparations. It takes more than just clearing off a spot and calling for installation, especially in urban and rural areas with zoning restrictions and codes regarding accessory buildings. Regardless of whether you want to use your […]

What are the Different Roof Types for Metal Buildings?

Metal buildings may tend to follow some common and popular designs, but there are plenty of customization options. You don’t need to be a designer or contractor to understand the basics of building design so you can make the best possible customizations to your metal building. It’s much easier to pick the right roof type […]

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Buildings?

One of the fastest ways to add covered and secured space on a residential or commercial property is to invest in a metal building. With so many options for customizing any metal building you choose, you can create any space you need. The same building that can serve as a convenient warehouse space with few […]