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What Are The Different Types Of Metal Buildings?

One of the fastest ways to add covered and secured space on a residential or commercial property is to invest in a metal building. With so many options for customizing any metal building you choose, you can create any space you need. The same building that can serve as a convenient warehouse space with few modifications could also serve as a comfortable and affordable home with enough finishing work. From the simplest open designs to highly secure enclosed garages and barns, you can find a metal building design ready to install.

Metal Carports

The simplest form of metal buildings are the carports. Many of these structures consist simply of roofs and vertical metal support posts with no sides or ends. Of course, these carports can be partially or fully enclosed if necessary to keep your vehicles clean and dry. If you choose an open carport design that doesn't feature  walls and sides, you can install tarps or other temporary covers in the winter or summer to protect your items against the weather. Carports can often be installed over bare dirt or gravel with only minimal concrete to anchor the support posts.

Metal Garages

When carports are reinforced with fully enclosed walls and one or more bay doors, you've turned a metal building into a complete garage. These garages take a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditionally framed garage from scratch, and they also tend to cost less as well. If you want to attach your garage to your home, that's easily accomplished with the right metal building. It's also relatively easy to insulate these structures so they don't add to your home's energy bills in the winter or summer. Garages made from metal buildings last longer with less maintenance by replacing materials like vinyl siding and asphalt shingles with thick gauge metal panels.

RV Covers

Recreational vehicles, fifth wheels, campers, and other similar investments can all age rapidly when parked outdoors exposed to the weather. Building an RV cover from a metal building is the best way to reduce maintenance and repairs and extend the lifespan of the RV. If you're interested in living in your RV for part or all of the year, an RV cover can be designed to help expand the camper into a comfortable home structure. With the sturdy metal of the cover absorbing the harsh UV rays from the sun, your RV's roof and other exterior materials will stay like new for years. In order to make a large metal building into the best kind of RV cover, you'll need to add at least one extra large bay door. Two doors positioned on the ends of the building allow you to pull through without having to back up to exit the metal building. Most metal buildings also need additional height to accommodate the doors needed for taller RVs.

Metal Barns

Few businesses have as much need for long-lasting metal buildings as farms and agricultural businesses. Metal buildings make ideal livestock barns, but they can also be used for storing hay, grain, crops, and even refrigerated products with the right insulation and cooling equipment. Metal barns outlast wood ones with minimal painting and coating work over the years. Moisture is much less of an issue in these barns, even when it's internally generated by hundreds of large animals, to reduce rot and mold issues. If you're looking for a traditional barn look, consider a custom gambrel or monitor roof for a more distinct appearance.

Combo Units

With some careful customizations, you can fit two or more purposes into the same metal building to save money and make the most of your space. This is particularly popular for buyers interested in adding living space to their structures. Other popular combinations include garage and barns for farms that have both livestock and tractors or ATVs in need of storage. You can even modify the structure to feature two different roof heights to fit an RV alongside smaller vehicles.

On-Site Storage

The smallest enclosed metal buildings are ideal for moving your items out of a storage unit and onto your own property. You can save hundreds of dollars per month by construction home storage space for seasonal decorations, furniture, and family heirlooms. These structures can be basic enough to fit into any budget while offering secure storage.

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