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Can Metal Carports Impact Property Value?

A home and the land surrounding it is often the largest investment made by a family or individual. By building your property value over the years as you live on it, you're actually increasing your investment in case you ever decide to sell. You don't need to be planning to sell your home just to look for new ways to boost your property's value. However, you do need to prepare for slightly higher property taxes after boosting your value. Understanding the role that a metal carport can play in property valuation will help you decide when it's right to add a structure and which type to choose.

Rising or Falling Property Values?

In most cases, metal carports will either leave your property values the same or raise them. Yet there is a small chance that a carport could lower your property value instead if you choose the wrong one. A low-quality metal carport, or any other kind of accessory building, can harm your property value instead of helping it. This is a relatively rare situation and usually will only occur if the low-quality carport is damaged in some way. It's easier than you think for poorly made metal carports to become damaged from falling branches or snow accumulation, so if you're concerned about your property value, stick with well-built models from reliable companies.

The Property Tax Question

While raising your property value is always useful when you're ready to sell your home, homeowners that plan to stay at the same property for many years to come may end up paying more in property taxes if they raise their home's value. However, don't overestimate the impact. Unless you buy a very large or unusually feature-filled metal carport, you will likely only see a very small increase in the total amount of tax you pay per year. Of course, this varies greatly depending on where you live. Every state and county has the right to determine their own rules for property valuation and tax rates. In most areas, metal carports only factor into the property's tax value if they are installed on a concrete foundation and/or have water and power run to them. Check with your local tax assessor's office before buying a carport if increases in your annual property tax bill will create a financial hardship for you.

Choosing a Valuable Metal Carport

When you're committed to the idea of improving your property's value and appeal with additions, you'll need to pick the metal carport that best fits your goals. Placement, size, extra features, and durability all play an essential role in determining exactly how much value a metal carport adds.

Durability and Strength

Strong, well-designed, reinforced metal carports offer the highest value in return for your investment. Even if you're in an area relatively protected from winter snowstorms and high winds, flimsy construction leads to a damaged carport that reduces your property's value rather than raising it. Look for thick metal siding and roofing, reinforced frames, and optional features like anchoring to find a company that you can trust to produce a metal building.


Carports are often attached to or located next to a home, but you can put them practically anywhere the ground is flat, level, and stable enough to support the structure. If you're lacking flat and accessible spaces, some grading and leveling will help. Aim to make the carport as easy to access by car as possible, especially if you plan to use it for its intended purpose rather than a creative application like a workshop. You may want to expand your existing driveway to create a pull-through or turnaround circle so create as much access as possible for the structure.


Bigger carports offer a higher value boost, but only to a certain extent. Even small one-car designs can still add a lot of value if you don't have a garage or other covered area for parking. Very large carports may not make your property more valuable or desirable to buyers if they simply have no need for that much covered or enclosed space.

Additional Features

Finally, useful extra features like fully enclosed walls, additional doors and windows, and custom shelving systems can boost the value of any metal carport and therefore your property.

With this information, you should feel prepared to deal with changes in your property's value due to the addition of a metal carport. If you're preparing to sell your home, adding a metal structure could help you secure a higher price or a faster sale.

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