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Carports With a Garage Door? YES!

Carports work well to provide shelter from precipitation and intense sunlight, but they don’t allow for heating or cooling systems, and they don't provide security for tools or other storage items.

Did you know that you can add walls and a garage door to an existing metal carport? If you don't have the budget for a free-standing garage, you can start with a carport structure and add a garage door and walls in the future.

Is It Affordable?

Transforming a carport with a garage door and walls is relatively easy to do since you already have the main foundation. It’s a misconception that carports can't be converted, especially if you have a pre-fab metal structure. There are many budget-friendly options for garage door add-ons, walls, service doors, and even windows. Most manufacturers also have special financing opportunities. Additionally, converting a carport into a garage will improve your property value, giving you a nice return on investment when you move.

Carport Conversion Best Practices

Converting a carport to a garage will take some planning and consideration. Use our checklist as a guide:

Work with Professionals

A professional will help you determine the best options for converting your carport into a garage, and will have an option for you to review engineered drawings with your local jurisdiction. In addition to choosing the right type of garage door and walls, you'll want to ensure that your changes comply with local ordinances and permit requirements.

Choosing the Right Layout

Before work begins, you'll need to choose the layout and color scheme. In some cases, it will be easier to add a full metal garage behind the carport, doubling your covered space without negatively impacting your budget.

adding garage to carport
Carport with Garage Add-on

Structural Integrity

In most cases, you won’t need to dig a foundation because your carport already sits on one. In some cases, you'll need extra braces and anchors to secure the extra weight, and a professional metal building company can help you identify when these items are needed.

Wall, Door, and Window Installation

Even though your end goal is a garage, don't forget about service doors and windows. If you're putting up walls, these extras are a nice option to have and they won't drive up the cost too much.

The Final Touch: Adding the Garage Door

carport conversion

Aesthetics and functionality are the two most important things to get right with your carport conversion. Metal buildings have come a long way, and you should be able to get a color that coordinates with existing structures on your property.

Don't assume that a standard garage height will work best; think about the future. You may be adding a garage door to your carport for added security, but what if you want to store a large vehicle in the future instead of lawn equipment? Ask about height options and width upgrades; you'll be surprised how affordable it is to customize your metal garage.

Completing the Interior

Before the walls start going up, determine if you'd like to have electric or insulation added to your garage. Converting the carport into a garage means you're more likely to spend time in the building, and having the option for cooling and heating will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Transform Your Carport Today

Converting a metal carport into a garage is easier than you think, and manufacturers have made it simple to customize your building. A carport with a garage door will deliver more protection, security, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. To learn more about converting a carport, talk to our experts, we'll be happy to help you get started.

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