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Budgeting for Your Home Project: The Real Cost to Build a Garage

When it comes to adding functional and versatile space to your property, few options are as popular and cost-effective as building a metal garage. Whether you need extra storage, a workshop, or a place to shelter your vehicles, a metal garage can be a valuable addition to your home. However, embarking on such a project without a clear understanding of the cost to build a garage can lead to budget overruns and unforeseen challenges. Join our metal garage experts as we break down the various factors that influence the cost of building a new garage.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Metal Garage

Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Metal Garage

Before you dive into budgeting for your metal garage project, it's essential to understand the multitude of factors that can significantly impact garage costs. Each of these factors plays a unique role in determining the final price tag of your metal garage.

Size and Dimensions of the Garage

The most apparent factor affecting the cost to build a garage is its size and dimensions. Larger spaces such as a three-car garage will naturally require more materials to cover the square foot dimensions, whereas a one-car garage will have less surface area to cover, making it less expensive. Additionally, labor and time to install prefab garages will result in added costs.

Location and Site Preparation

The location of your metal garage on your property can impact costs. If the site is uneven or requires extensive preparation work, such as excavation or grading, you can expect additional expenses added to the cost to build a garage on your property. Also, whether you are adding an attached garage to your home or installing a fully detached garage away from the home could affect construction costs. Accessibility to the construction site also plays a role; a challenging-to-reach location may require specialized equipment and incur higher costs.

Design and Customization Options

The level of customization and complexity in your metal garage's design will directly impact the cost. Features like windows, doors, insulation, and architectural details add to the expenses. While customization allows you to create a new garage that meets your preferences, it's essential to balance your desires with your budgetary constraints.

Labor and Construction Costs

Labor costs are a significant part of the budget. The complexity of the project, local labor rates, and the experience of the construction team all influence these garage costs. Obtaining multiple quotes from reputable metal building contractors can help you find a balance between quality work and affordability.

Permitting and Regulatory Expenses

Don't overlook the costs associated with permits and regulatory compliance. Depending on your location and the size of your metal garage, you may need permits for construction. These fees can vary widely, and it's crucial to factor them into your budget to avoid unexpected expenses and potential project delays.

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Types of Metal Garages 

Metal garages offer a cost-effective solution for sheltering vehicles and other belongings while providing some unique benefits of their own. Let's explore the different types of metal garages and how they can impact your project budget.

Prefabricated Metal Garages

Prefabricated metal garages are pre-designed buildings that are manufactured off-site. They come in various standard sizes and designs and are known for their affordability and quick installation. Prefabricated metal garages are usually the most budget-friendly option due to their standardized design and quicker installation.

Some advantages of choosing a prefab garage kit are:

  • Cost-Effective: Prefabricated garages are generally affordable upfront.

  • Quick Installation: These garages can be assembled relatively quickly, reducing labor costs.

  • Standardized Designs: Multiple pre-designed options are available to choose from.

  • Customizable: Metal garages offer versatility in the fact that they are highly customizable. Whether size, color, trim options, roof type, or more, you can customize your new garage as you see fit.

Budgeting to Build a Garage

Attached Garages

Attached metal garages are directly connected to your home or another existing structure, such as a barn or workshop. They share one or more walls with the main building, providing convenient indoor access from your home. When it comes to attached garage costs, these metal structures are more budget-friendly than detached garages because they often share walls with the existing structure, reducing the overall construction expenses. However, the final cost can vary depending on factors like the complexity of connecting it to your home and any necessary modifications to your existing structure.

Pros of attached steel garages include:

  • Convenience: Attached garages offer the utmost convenience as they allow you to access your vehicles without stepping outdoors.

  • Energy Efficiency: The shared wall with your home can help regulate temperatures more effectively, potentially improving energy efficiency.

  • Increased Home Value: An attached garage is often considered a valuable addition to a home, potentially increasing its resale value.

Detached Garages

Detached metal garages are standalone structures located separately from your home. They are not physically connected to your house and are often positioned in your yard or on a dedicated part of your property. Detached garage costs may be higher upfront compared to attached garages due to their standalone nature and the potential need for additional foundation work. However, they offer cost-saving benefits over time, such as reduced heating and cooling expenses for your home and the flexibility to expand or repurpose the space as needed.

Here are some benefits of installing a detached metal garage on your property:

  • Versatility: Detached garages can be customized to match your property's aesthetic and serve multiple functions, including as a workshop, storage space, or even a guest room.

  • Reduced Noise and Fumes: If you use your garage for hobbies or work that generates noise or fumes, a detached garage keeps these away from your home, maintaining a quieter and cleaner indoor environment.

  • Increased Space: Detached garages can be larger and more spacious than attached ones, allowing you to store more vehicles and equipment, or create additional workspace.

  • Potential for Expansion: Detached garages offer the potential for future expansion, making it easier to accommodate changing needs or additional vehicles.

How Can Design and Customization Options Affect Metal Garage Cost?

When planning to build a metal garage, one of the exciting aspects is the opportunity for design and customization. These options allow you to create a garage that not only serves its functional purpose but also complements your property's aesthetics and meets your specific needs. However, it's important to understand how design and customization choices can significantly impact the overall cost of your metal garage project.

Choice of Materials

The materials you select for your metal garage can have a substantial influence on the cost. Different grades of steel or aluminum may vary in price, with high-quality materials costing more. Also, if you desire a particular finish or color for your garage, custom paint or coatings can add to the cost.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions play a pivotal role in determining the cost to build a garage. Larger garages naturally require more materials and labor, resulting in higher expenses. Customizing the dimensions of your garage to fit unique needs can increase costs. Irregular shapes or non-standard dimensions may necessitate more complex engineering and construction.

Doors and Windows

The choice of garage doors and windows can significantly affect the budget. A high-quality, insulated garage door and energy-efficient windows may cost more upfront but can lead to long-term energy savings. Customizing the size, style, and design of the garage door, entry doors, and windows can add to the cost.


Insulating your metal garage can increase the cost, but it provides benefits such as temperature control and energy efficiency. Depending on your climate and intended use, you may choose different insulation thicknesses or materials, each with its associated cost.

Interior Finishing

If you plan to use the garage as a workshop, studio, or living space, the level of interior finishing can significantly influence the budget. This includes drywall, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Customizing the interior for specific uses may require additional expenditures. For example, setting up a woodworking shop will have different requirements than creating a comfortable living space.

Additional Features

Consider any additional features you want, such as metal garage shelving, cabinetry, a garage door opener, or specialized storage solutions. These can contribute to the overall cost of building a garage. Custom storage solutions, specialized workstations, or built-in organizational features may require customization and increase expenses.

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Can I Finance My Metal Garage Project? 

You can finance a metal garage installation through Eagle Carports' Rent-to-Own Financing options. Eagle Carports is known for offering flexible financing solutions for metal buildings, including garages. Rent-to-Own programs allow you to acquire a metal garage without a large upfront payment and provide a more accessible financing option for many homeowners.

Low Initial Payment

With Rent-to-Own, you make a relatively small upfront payment, which is often significantly less than the full purchase price of the metal garage.

Monthly Payments

After the initial payment, you make regular monthly payments over a specified term, typically ranging from 24 to 60 months. These payments cover the cost of the metal garage.

Ownership Transition

As you make monthly payments, you'll have the option to transition into full ownership of the metal garage. Once you complete the agreed-upon term and fulfill any other terms and conditions, the garage becomes yours.

No Credit Check

Rent-to-Own programs with Eagle Carports often do not require a credit check, making it accessible to individuals with varying credit histories.

Flexible Terms

Eagle Carports typically offers flexible terms and payment options to suit your budget and financial situation.

Delivery and Installation

Our metal garage installation company handles the delivery and installation of your new metal garage, ensuring a hassle-free process.

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