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Love Your RV? Here’s Why You Need a Cover

Buying an RV or 5th wheel trailer is a great way to travel with the entire family without the costs of hotel rooms. Unless you've committed to full-time life in your RV, you likely park it for some or most of each year to store it. Protect your RV from the damaging effects of year-round weather conditions by investing in a durable metal RV cover. Here's why you need a permanent RV cover to preserve your RV during the off-season.

UV Protection

Storing your RV out in the open leads to constant UV exposure. Daily sunlight exposure also leads to faded and cracked paint, damaged roofing materials, and fragile tires. If you forget to cover your windows, you can end up with discolored and faded interior materials like seat fabrics and countertops. After years of exposure, both interior and exterior materials tend to turn brittle and break easily during regular use. A metal carport offers year-round protection from UV rays and the fading effects of the sun. The solid metal siding and roofing stops 100% of the damaging rays, while other RV covers vary in protection based on the material.

Enclosure from Wind and Snow

Inclement weather over the winter also adds a lot of wear and tear to the RV that is stored uncovered. Metal RV covers are easily customized with side and end walls to create a completely enclosed storage space. Flexible RV covers may block sun exposure but tear easily in high wind conditions and offer no protection from snow loading. Accumulated ice and snow tends to find any leaks or cracks in the roofing as well when spring arrives and melts the frozen moisture. Metal RV covers are easily designed to withstand both high winds and heavy snow loads to protect your RV year-round. Side and end walls prevent winds from rocking or tipping a particularly tall RV. Lightweight canvas and vinyl RV covers can't handle the same kinds of conditions.

Pest Control

Even with a thorough cleaning at the end of the season, your RV can become home to an infestation of pests during the storage period of each year. From mice to cockroaches, insects and animals attracted to lingering food odors leave messes and damage behind them. A fully enclosed metal RV cover offers the highest level of pest control for long-term storage. By sealing the side and end walls tightly to the concrete slab foundation, you can keep even the smallest insects out. It's also easy to create a perimeter of traps and deterrent sprays to keep pests away around the edge of the building to protect your RV from pests of all kinds.

Space for Repairs

No matter how well you care for your favorite RV or 5th wheel, the camper eventually needs some kind of repair or renovation to stay in top condition. A generously sized RV cover protects your RV from rain and passing dust after you apply a fresh coating of paint or roof sealant. Since the coating dries slowly due to the shade created by the cover, the material gets a chance to bond well and develop a smooth surface that is harder to achieve out in the open. When you're done with the repairs, you can store the extra materials and tools in the metal RV cover space.

Storage for Accessories

Speaking of storage, you'll need some extra space for essential RV accessories like car and toy haulers, freestanding awnings, automatic leveling tools, and extra water hoses. Enclosed metal RV covers can accommodate all these extras and more, while wrap-around coverings only cover the RV itself. Trailers and car haulers are prone to damage like rusting and faded paint when stored outside just like the RV that pulls them. Ordering a slightly larger RV cover provides plenty of free space for accessory storage. If you need more storage space, consider a lean-to addition for one side to extend the coverage without having to invest in a whole new freestanding structure. Metal RV covers are strong enough to support these kinds of additions.

Measure your RV or check your manufacturer's manual for the exact dimensions of the vehicle. You'll need to order a metal building that has at least 4 to 5 additional feet around each of the highest dimensions to prevent damage. Pull-through building designs with a double set of doors work best for large RVs and campers that are hard to back up.

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