44x30x13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn


The 44x30x13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn offers ample space and durability for all your storage needs. With a vertical roof design, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide maximum protection for your belongings.

The 44x30x13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn is the ultimate solution for all your storage needs. With its spacious dimensions, you'll have ample room to store your belongings, whether it's vehicles, equipment, or supplies. The vertical roof design ensures maximum durability, allowing it to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Rest easy knowing that your valuables are protected from rain, snow, and sun damage. This metal barn is built to last, with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Invest in the 44x30x13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn and enjoy peace of mind knowing your storage needs are taken care of.
Building Width

44 FT

Building Length

30 FT

Eave Height


Car Capacity

2 Car

Frame Gauge

14 Gauge Galvanized Steel

Roof Type

Vertical Roof

Sheet Metal Gauge

29 Gauge Steel

Sheet Metal Paint System

Beckers Paint 20 YR Chalk & Fade

Sheet Metal Profile

3/4" Tall, AG PANEL Ribs 9" OC

Tubular Frame Dimensions

Typically 2.5" Square Tube


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